Biometric Access Control is Clear, Simple, Convenient

Biometric Access Control is Clear, Simple, Convenient

Biometric Access Control is Clear, Simple, Convenient

eTop Solution has long found biometrics a modern alternative to traditional systems and today has a solid know-how in the development and application of biometric solutions. Today, biometric systems are already widely used successfully, through a large number of installations. The fingerprint is the most widely used biometric technology. Detection with fingerprints differs from other technologies thanks to its excellent recognition performance and, at the same time, to a high level of security and broad user consent. Kaba’s range of biometrics is very wide: all present presence and Access Control Systems are available with a biometric sensor.

All eTop Solutions are compatible with the latest Guarantor’s Terms of Use for the protection of personal data.

The Benefits of Biometrics Access Control System

  • Simple, convenient and safe to use.
  • Fingerprint as a biometric system universally recognized and widely accepted by users.
  • Protection and security of personal data because it is not possible to rebuild the user biology fingerprint from the template used in the identification processes.
  • Applicable in any situation where safety and ease of use are the main factors.
  • Biometric features can not be forgotten, lost, stolen, or passed to another person.
  • Mature and sophisticated systems that meet the full customer satisfaction.
  • Integration with existing IT processes and other data collection systems.
  • Identification Solution based on AFIS technologies, which are currently being used by leading organizations around the world.
  • Wide range of terminals for use in Biometric Access Control applications, Presence Detection and Production Data Collection.

Process Optimization and Cost Reduction in Identification Solution: No badge management system is required
No problem with missing or forgotten stamps: the biometric imprint can not be lost, forgotten, or stolen
Seasonal or temporary employees can be managed more economically than traditional badge systems

It is recommended to use biometric technology in the following situations:

  • Where an additional check is required for security reasons before the permission is granted, for example. to protect alarm centers, archives and data centers.
  • Where a Biometric solution is required for reasons of convenience, for example in areas used by members of a board in a company.
  • Where hygiene regulations do not allow you to carry additional items such as badges or keys, for example in laboratories and in sterile rooms.

Where contactless verification is required for hygienic reasons, for example in operating rooms and research centers.


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