How to do SEO in 2017

how to do seo in 2017

How to do SEO in 2017

How to do SEO in 2017 is a strong enough and far be it from me to presume to be the repository of absolute truth title. It would be more correct to write like Flavio will do SEO in 2017 , but did not really like the title. What is certain is that between the end of 2015 and the end of 2016 arose many innovations in the field of SEO. An SEO so different from what it was many years ago and now, if it were not for some key points still valid, you would not even have a distant relative (technically speaking). The period that we leave behind us gave us a lot of surprises and a lot of changes, thanks largely to Google that has “imposed” as usual its rules.

So how to do SEO in 2017? What do we have to take into account? Simply the only SEO to give visibility to companies and blogs on the search engines? The Google ranking is still determined only by the quality of the work done on a SEO website?

My SEO In 2017 Freelance My Name Is Khan

We immediately disappear any doubt (there were if anything) about the usefulness of SEO to increase visibility and conversions on websites. The SEO turns out to be the cornerstone element of the center of which revolve all projects. In fact … I think the SEO specialist should be the focus in online activities for each project, working with Webmasters, Web Designers, Social Media Specialist, copywriters and web marketing experts. It follows also understand why gambling that statement.


The Google rankings (SERP) it is no longer made of only organic results and paid. The elements that populate the pages of Google increase more and more lower the profile of the classic snippets of the organic results. The next image is an example.

At first, as usual, there are paid ads, those generated by the campaigns pay per click (Adwords). Until the beginning of 2016 were three ads placed in the top ten listings on the right of the page and a couple in the bottom of the organic results.

But now Google has decided to eliminate the paid ads placed on the right and increased the number of results to top, bringing 3 to 4. If you do a mobile search, these cover the entire screen and to see the first organic result you have to scroll a lot.


The search results depending mainly on the type of query you typed (the phrase entered in the search field of Google) and the place from where it is carried out. If you search for a product to purchase, such as a wine, first of all results will be shown in Google Shopping . If you search the news we will see out the results of Google News .

If> you go to look for a hotel instead, immediately after the paid results, we will find the results from Google My Business (formerly Google Places) , or a map of the territory in which is located the town of our interest and below the 3 hotel Google are more likely to meet these search criteria. This box can also appear to the right of the page if you want a specific hotel.


AMP: AMP is a system designed to improve the speed of the timing of the site pages load. Sites that have implemented AMP, according to Google, will enjoy short of a strong visibility on the search page, as presented in box format with image, title and text preview.

Twitter : News of the end of 2016 is that Twitter will have its space out on the Google SERP. Not that Twitter is not present already, but it seems that snippets of tweets will be more conspicuous. We’ll see … It may be the last chance for this social network to be revitalized?

RankBrain: An interesting novelty (dated end of 2015 but finalized in 2016) is the implementation within the Google algorithms RankBrain . What is and what it does we will see in the course of reading this article.

Google Phantom 4.0: Update dated July 2016. With the renovation of this algorithm, Google strengthens its ability to identify those sites that provide good usability (User Experience) by users. We’ll talk later.

Google Possum: It is a Google algorithm update regarding the Local Search (Local Search). The update is dated September 1, 2016.

Penguin 4.0: Also in September last year has been released Penguin 4.0 , the algorithm spam Google. Unlike previous releases, Penguin 4 works in real time and is granular. There we go over in a while ‘.

Mobile First Index: In November, Google announced that the index by which builds its search rankings, will soon be Mobile First , namely that the SERPs will be returned mainly by drawing information from mobile device versions of Web sites.

Changing from HTTP to HTTPS: Here’s another novelty to consider. Google will begin to mark as unsafe sites that do not travel on an encrypted https protocol. Initial results from me monitored until the end of February 2017, it appears that the https has improved the position of those sites that have implemented it, after suffering a small period in which the SERP for them had become a bit ‘dancer.

Featured Snippets: Finally appeared the so-called ” zero ” or a snippet ( featured snippets ) on top of any list that appears when you type a question that is answered in sites that have implemented the Knowledge Graph .


The fact that Google give so much space to pay for results clik, and populate the rich snippets, local boards page Amp pages and so on, might make it look like an attempt to finish in the top positions in organic search, with the classic snippet title-description-link , a waste of time. But it is not so because …

Fortunately, most searches do not return this chaos of formats on Google.
Who really wants to purchase a service, not limited to click on the first site that comes in SERP but wants to go further and also explore the following sites.
Many are allergic to paid listings. Li jump in both feet and begin to explore the first organic result.
To bring up one AMP snippet on the page you will also have the page is optimized textual key and SEO.
The top positions in the local search are won with the quality of services offered that generate positive reviews and with good activity ” Local SEO “.
The position Zero and Rich Snippets can be achieved only through SEO activity


These elements that we talked about, more or less recent, can become opportunities to gain visibility . You just need to know how to take advantage and to do this we must be able to use all of the many tools that Google gives us groped for the climb to these new forms of visibility. This, a good SEO professional will know it and make sure it is him who you should contact if you want to keep up with the times and emerge from the many competitors. Perhaps you are taking advantage of the fact that several of them will not update their SEO strategy.

The message I would like to get across is that for a task, use these tools may mean climb in Google ranking those competitors who until now were hideously better positioned. Especially if those same competitors instead will remain stuck in the old way of doing SEO.

Then we analyze things to keep in mind to make SEO nowadays.

google hummingbird seo 2017

This bet that you already knew. The production of fresh content really like Google provided they are quality content , or who are able to meet users’ searches. Let me give an example .

It happened to collaborate in the reconstruction of texts of a site that provides telephone numbers. Initial analysis, this site had previously suffered a drop in Google ranking for the benefit of some competitors, with the result that it also dropped the number of visitors. The reason in my opinion is simple. Google has become increasingly good at recognizing the pages that are better adapted to users’ queries . And while the site I worked for provided a number to call to request the telephone contact of any company, sites that had climbed over the telephone contact it showed directly on the page. It is a simple and clear example of how Google has become good at distinguishing the pages that return in the best possible answers to queries typed, those who do so less efficiently. The friend with whom I worked forgive me for my analysis so outspoken.

This case goes to remove the conviction (wrong) that a page to be well positioned should contain a long text. It is not always the case because the need for some type of text varies depending on the case. A well-written guide to every detail will certainly require a long text. Provide a phone number but no. Gardening just put a bit ‘of text to give importance to’ entities Main (the phone number of the company X), type the information on what you can do by calling that number, how much the call and the number itself. All of course added to a key SEO optimized page. Both the help page (with long text), is that of the site that provides telephone numbers (with the short text) will prove to be of quality for Google pages.

The work of evaluating the quality of content makes it an algorithm called Panda .


Panda is an algorithm that evaluates the quality of the websites pages and became one of the main ranking signals . To understand how this algorithm evaluates the contents, Amit Singhal , on the blog to Google Webmaster, in 2011 he published a lot of explanatory questions that I report below.

Would you trust the information presented in this article?
This article is written by an expert or enthusiast who knows the topic well?
The site has duplicate content, overlapping, or redundant articles on similar topics with slight variations of your keywords?
Would you trust to give your credit card to this site?
This article has spelling errors, stylistic or content?
There are themes based on real interests of the readers or just content with the sole objective to acquire a good ranking on search engines ?
The article provides new and interesting content?
It has the substantial value than other pages on the same topic in the search results?
How much quality control is done on content?
The article accurately describes the subject in all its aspects?
The site is a recognized authority on its topic?
To a query related to health, would you trust information taken from this site?
Would you recognize this site as an authoritative source when mentioned by name?
This article provides a comprehensive description of the topic?
This article contains important analysis or interesting information that is not already known and obvious?
Would you create a bookmark on this page to share or recommend to a friend?
This article has an excessive amount of ads that distract or interfere with the main content?
You’d see well this article in a printed magazine, encyclopedia or book?
The articles are short, inconsistent, or otherwise deprived of useful specifications?
The pages are made with care and attention to detail, or leave out the details?
Users may complain when they read the pages of this site?
The answer to these questions, Google Panda decides what the quality pages , deserving to improve their positioning and what are those of little value which are to be relegated in the ranking of search results. From your answers to these questions, you can evaluate yourself if you have added a quality content in your site.


As important as Panda in page ranking through content, it is in my opinion Hummingbird . Hummingbird’s task is to ” understand ” the meaning of texts (more precisely the semantics ), then proposing in SERP of Web sites that have the most appropriate content to meet the user’s query.

Create content Hummingbird-Friendly is one of the keys to success for the organic positioning. Exploiting the potential of this algorithm can also place many keywords related to keyword focus (the main one). The effectiveness of Hummingbird is also revealed in the activities of Link Building . Publishing to other sites of quality texts, it allows you to pick up your site on Serp, not only for the chosen keyword as the anchor text of the link, even with related keywords.


For the Google ranking takes into consideration other parameters such as the time spent on a site, the bounce rate and the dropout rate . The secret to increase the residence time and decrease the dropout rate in my opinion is always tied to the quality of the content of a page. This is not just about text because the e-commerce such as text we have very little. It is to stimulate the interest of visitors causing it to linger long on the site. If a page is actually useful or interesting to the user (via text, images, video or proposals), these will be encouraged to remain for longer.
The RankBrain is a part of Google’s algorithm. It is the name that Google has given to a software of artificial intelligence to the self-learning that is used to help develop the search results. Its task is to understand the semantic meaning of the research and learn the ways in which you do the research . What does it mean?

Google Rank Brain SEO 2017

The RankBrain learns if a word in the context of the sentence typed by the user on the search box, is used to mean one thing or another and, most importantly, allows you to understand the query and refine the results so to return only the most relevant .

An example is when you go to look for a phone number on the internet.

Imagine you want to search the phone number of Amazon entering the query “Amazon phone.”

Before, if you tried the phone from Amazon with the query “Amazon Phone”, Google returned as results all the pages optimized for dry key “Amazon Phone” and often relegated in the subsequent texts (even higher quality pages) that contained the phrase “number of Amazon’s” phone because it was deemed not completely relevant to your search.

All webmasters so they were likely to distort the text tucking in this keyword as it is, knowing that was not the correct way to write “phone number Amazon”. They wrote to position yourself on Google and not for those who read their article . He who read that text was in having to do a little bit of effort to understand its meaning and often not even found the answer he was looking for.

Even the Link Building was tied to this way of doing and proliferated (and even thrive) the anchor text of the links of this type. This story seems to be finally over .

Today we write about our texts in proper form sites using the phrase ” phone number Amazon ” and create anchor text for external links in the same way. Google understands (learned) that if you type in the search box on the “Amazon Phone”, look for the “phone number Amazon” and returns as a result the best optimized pages for those who want to know the telephone number of Amazon.

In fact Google has announced the introduction of RankBrain in October 2015 but the effects were felt for good in this 2016. In a “Question and Answer” held in March, Andrey Lippatsev , Search Quality Senior Strategist at Google, said that RankBrain is one of the three most important ranking factors for positioning, along with content and links.

Rank Analysis on the Brain (English)


The links still enjoy a strong importance in positioning strategies, both within the site and those from other sites. The passing of link juice between pages or from site to site, promotes the placement of sites.

The internal links allow us to create a link from a page that is a topic to a page that maybe it deepens one aspect. This could help increase the time spent on the site . Internal links can be used to hierarchically organize the pages and tell Google what are the most important ones of the site.

The link from outside sources instead, pass authority to the site, a factor that favors the placement. In this regard, we know that not all links are equal and that it is better to receive links from quality sites and theme with the topics covered in our pages.

To evaluate the quality of a site you can use tools like MOZ or Majestic SEO . They are certainly valuable indications but only trust your evaluation. Check the website from which you may receive the link, look at how it is organized and if it’s updated frequently. If you see that it is taken care of and not only serves to accommodate texts to give links to the right and left, you can publish on over quietly. Although it has a value of Trust Flow near zero . At least I think so.

Insights on Building links and how to do it without risk penalties


Other elements that come strongly in the list of things to do to optimize a key SEO site are the structured data . These serve to make Google better understand the structure and content of the page.

Google and other search engines are using structured data markup in different ways, for example, to create rich snippets in search results (those cute results with images, the stars and many other lovely little things that stand out so forcefully than those who do not have it).

The advantage of implementing marking up structured data is that it allows Google to use this information to gather additional data and other functions to display when it returns the result of a search.

Implement the structured data markup is in my view critical. These are small pieces of code to be inserted in pages. Here’s an example that you can use for articles:


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