Natural Remedies for Pollen Allergy

Natural remedies for pollen allergy
Natural remedies for pollen allergy

Natural remedies for pollen allergy

Spring is coming and with it warmer temperatures, flowers, sun … but unfortunately the dreaded allergy to pollen !
A real hassle for those who suffer from allergy at such a great year, but why does this happen? Not all people in fact are involved, how come?

Unfortunately people allergic to pollen have in their blood of substances called immunoglobulin type IgE that comes into contact with pollen proteins (called allergens ) trigger the work of the immune system produce antibodies and then cause inflammation.

Symptoms of allergy to pollen

The main symptoms are: burning or swelling of the eye, excessive tearing, feeling of sand in the eyes, burning of the nasal passages or throat, sneezing, stuffy nose, runny nose, phlegm, cough, fatigue, depression, nervous, fever ,. .. the symptoms get worse with the wind and of course outdoors in parks or in the countryside.

Natural remedies for pollen allergy

To reduce these troublesome symptoms and improve quality of life during the spring, there are several natural remedies that can help.

– Search plants or natural substances with anti-histamine and anti-inflammatory action (known as a true and proper natural antihistamines ) and begins processing already a few months before; I advise the nettle, black currant, reishi or black elderberry . There are concentrated liquid preparations (tinctures or glyceric macerated) or tablets to be taken with constancy for several months. At these plants associane other effect balsamic, decongestant, expectorant … such as eucalyptus, sundew, Helichrysum, pine, plantain … (fine foods made with these plants syrups).

– Among the latest discoveries substances for allergy, we also find the flavonoid quercetin , an antioxidant typically found in fruit and vegetables, which helps to reduce the release of histamine . My advice is to associate it with 1 gram of vitamin C for a more optimal effect.

– Take a multivitamin with minerals, as it will help your cells to function properly and to ensure the proper absorption of antihistamine products.

– Remember to improve your intestinal flora to help your body in its fight against the antigen (pollen proteins). Read also ” natural remedies to heal .”
– Do not stop breathing ! A good and deep breathing is required to eject the unwanted allergen (pollen) and toxins; why you should use natural spray based on sea water or lota (a tool for the nasal wash with water and salt), useful to thoroughly clean the nasal passages and eliminate excess mucus.
In addition activities such as yoga or pilates can help you to breathe deeply and to learn the technique of diaphragmatic breathing . This type of breathing allows for better blood circulation, a more complete respiratory work and then antihistamine action (see video).
– Purify your body ! The change of season is a great time to do it and the work that the liver will have to play during an allergy is really a lot, so make sure that this body is in good health. Read also ” To purify the liver .”

– Attention to food! It is important to know that you may experience an ” allergic reaction crusade ” between plants and foods. This means that some foods can worsen allergic reactions to pollen, causing burning of the throat, swelling of the tongue and lips or discomfort in the mouth. This happens because the body is not able to distinguish between protein from different allergens (crops or food), PCR and in the same way, stimulating the immune system. Therefore in case of pollen allergy (especially if caused by grass plants ), care must be careful to eat the following foods : citrus fruits, tomatoes, melons, celery, peaches, cherries, watermelon, kiwi, plums, apricots, almonds, peanuts.


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