Processwire the Future of CMS


WordPress? Joomla? Drupal? Useless, the future of CMS could be ProcessWire.

I’m not going to make yet another comparison between CMS, the network is full of them, but anyone who has used the CMS that I just mentioned who knows the limits, due in large part to the fact that these instruments were born many years ago and that in some cases have been nothing short distorted to make them real CMS.
ProcessWire on the contrary, is a very young CMS, made with extreme logic and simplicity, designed to facilitate the work of the developer, has simple and intuitive API and a very low learning curve.
So I will try in this article to highlight the reasons why I think it is a CMS ProcessWire the use of which will be used to grow a lot in the near future.

1. easy to use API
From the point of view of the developer ProcessWire is the most simple imaginable. Forget messy and not very intuitive methods of WordPress. ProcessWire is based on a very simple concept: everything is a page. This means that to recover the data, be it news, blog posts or pages is simple enough in most cases to use a kind of line of code:

$news = $pages->find(‘template=news, parent=news’);

2. simple administrative interface and customizable
The ammistrativa interface is extremely clean and functional for the administrator user, who sees only what it really takes him, which keeps him from messing with the functionality and put your nose where it should not …

3. Poor need for plugins
One of the problems of the majority of CMS is the need to start a medium-sized site, install numerous plugins, which often need to be updated to keep away from possible security holes.
The advantage of ProcessWire is that many features you can implement using the methods of the core, without the need to install plugins. To give a practical example, I imbat Tutto recently in the problem of having to make an export (csv) of the users of the system, except to find a few minutes after a post on the official forums that explained how to do it with very few lines of code (and no need to plugin!).

4. No templating system
ProcessWire does not use any templating system. The templates are made from simple php code, which allows one side to not have to learn new languages templating, the other to avoid undue cms performance, which leads us directly to the next point …

5. Excellent performance
Having a simple and compact structure, is extremely ProcessWire performance, also if necessary it is possible to install an additional plugin called ProCache that makes access to even faster pages.
To let you touch the performance of a site made ProcessWire, here are some examples of sites created with this platform:


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