SEO Engine Positioning

SEO Engine Positioning
SEO Engine Positioning

“The magic word on the web is placement.

Well done, if it does not place a website properly, it will not be useful. ”

SEO Engine Positioning: When creating a website, it is crucial to identify, already during the design phase, the target you want to reach and the product, service, or brand you want to promote.

While it’s important to design a website that is user-friendly and allows users to have a good browsing experience on your site, it’s crucial to create a well structured and descriptive site so that it’s “friendly” not just to users in meat and bones, but also search engines.


The work once a stage positioning on the Engines your website is called SEO: Seach Engine Optimization, namely: optimization for search engines and includes all those actions aimed at generating natural and organic traffic towards a website, using the results of search engines.

SEO is made up of a series of cautions aimed at restoring your easily interpretable and “friendly” search engine site.

All of the major search engines like google or yahoo are working out lists of websites related to date keywords and are focusing on ranking results based on what they consider important, so it is crucial to creating information websites and with the right content.

Our websites are all made with an optimized SEO structure that will make search engine placement simple and natural: a solid and clear code structure is essential to ensure a good placement of the keywords that will be selected.


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