SEO What it is and how the Search Engine Optimization Works in Google

SEO What it is and how the Search Engine Optimization Works in Google
SEO What it is and how the Search Engine Optimization Works in Google

SEO What it is and how the Search Engine Optimization Works in Google. More and more users and companies try to know what is SEO , participate in training courses, buy ebook, read blogs and do a lot of research to understand the significance of SEO , know the definition, know what kind of relationship there between SEO and Google and how the Search Engine Optimization . If you arrived at this article because you also want to have an answer to all these questions about SEO you’re in the right place. In fact in this resource we speak right optimization for the search engines of a website in a broad and comprehensive manner. Among the topics covered you will find:

What is Seo?
Seo Definition and Meaning
Operation of SEO
SEO Activities
SEO and Crawl Budget
SEO and visibility
SEO and direct sale
Guide seo
Analysis seo
The seo explained easily

Not all people know the technical terms related to this activity and therefore in this section we explain SEO in a simple way so that even a 7 year old child can understand what seo. Many times during the day, to anyone Captain things that you feel the need to give a comprehensive and broad response. The answers I can give Google are much broader than simply outclassed and now encyclopedia, because Google can provide answers not only information of an encyclopaedic type, but especially commercial. When you feel the need to have an answer everyone instinctively search the web, log into your smartphone, type your question by formulating a sentence in the browser’s search box and click send. When you do this operation we are looking for an answer on the search engines, and what everyone expects you to immediately find the best answer to your question. We expect to find among the first results the most relevant to our research. For example, searching for a B & B in Fuorigrotta, the express wish is to receive all the information about that type of hotel and in that specific geographical area. Google knows this, and to a question like that will never answer by returning a hotel in Bergamo, but listing all of the B & B that are in Fuorigrotta. Inolte to give a broader response to the user performing the search, Google offers information in different ways, forming an index that will offer the possibility of finding information resources to inform themselves of address, telephone numbers, prices charged, moments of great influx, schedules opening and closing, reviews of other services offered customers, and related news.

Google to provide relevant answers so it needs to store data, and thanks to many factors internal to catalog and classify calculation giving this information in a classification that goes from the best and most relevant results to last.
Do seo means, therefore, give Google (search engines), as well as possible these data in the form of content (text, images, videos, personal data) making sure that they are reputed by the search engine’s calculations as the most relevant in such research.

Do seo means, therefore, give Google (search engines), as well as possible these data in the form of content (text, images, videos, personal data) making sure that they are reputed by the search engine’s calculations as the most relevant in such research.

SEO What is the definition and how it works
SEO is the acronym of Search Engine Optimization , which in Italian means optimization for search engines . The seo is the set of operations to enable a website to be easily scannable , categorize and navigable by the spiders of search engines including the most useful and known Googlebot . The seo, whose operations are part of the business web marketing , facilitates the task of the many Google crawlers , day after day, scanning the web in every corner of the globe in search of new web documents to be scanned, cataloged by adding in links Graph , indexed in the sERP (Search Engine Results Page) to be able to give back to each user of the web’s best resources and most relevant to any type of query sought.
Through the set of SEO operations aimed at optimizing each web page that makes up a website, you can therefore facilitate the search engine in the understanding of the significance of the topic and each file contained on the website. The business SEO , Google facilitating the understanding in respect of any content in a website, ensures that normal consequence for the software behind the infamous “Google algorithm”, press the content and improving the site positions in their indices, offering greater visibility “organic”.

SEO and operation
In any web resource that talks about the business operations related to an activity of SEO ( optimization for search engines ) will highlight a common mistake , or that SEO is divided into SEO onsite and offsite SEO . The SEO activities are all those operations that are carried out to optimize a site and make it more scannable by the search engine , and therefore are only part of those SEO onsite . A website that can be considered optimized for search engines, is an optimized platform in terms of performance, structure and content .
This optimization in fact, is also recommended in the webmaster tool pages made available to users by Google. This is because the search engine to better perform its function, it needs to websites that enable them to save time and money in its ceaseless search for new content around the network.

When you start a new SEO project , they follow the procedural steps that allow a website to be able to be more pleasing to the search engine, but also to be able to convert more traffic into leads or sales . All activities carried out in the drafting of a seo project are enclosed in an SEO audit and range from the analysis of the SERP and competiotors, through the file optimization and keyword research , to the development of an optimized structure and enhanced by drafting content created through content marketing.

Seo and Google
Often those who become an seo consultant mistakenly believed to be a sort of web outlaws, one that is constantly battling against the search engine Google in the first place. Nothing further from the truth! Google loves SEO and clamoring to practice optimizing web sites. This is evident from the fact that Google has created and offered for free to web users these resources:

Guide seo
Webmaster Guidelines
Google therefore urges everyone to learn for free to optimize your website with these resources, and provides analysis tools and useful monitoring to every SEO to understand what works and what does not, in terms of optimization, including:
Google Analytics
Google search Console
Google Trend

SEO and Crawl Budget
The Google’s strength is in being able to give back in a nano second , a list of web pages that deal with a topic researched by any user anywhere in the world you are, classifying them starting with the most relevant and offering a more comprehensive response to the query typed.

Billions of users who perform billions of searches every second using the Google browser , have a financial price for the search engine owned Alphabet , which can be limited by assigning each website a Crawl Budget . There are internal SEO practices that are able to facilitate the increase or decrease in the Crawl Budget for each website.
The budget indicates the Googlebot crawl behavior towards the web server where it stands a domain. Apart from the practical to increase the crawl budget , can be considered SEO activities , action monitoring through Google’s Webmaster Tools , that the item “Scan statistics” provides us with a complete picture of how much HTML, JavaScript, CSS, PDF and images Google can download, in what time and which have an average weight.

Link Popularity and online authority
As we wrote in the previous paragraph, we would like to state that the activities related to pure SEO, are only such as onsite, but no improvement of the positioning is only due to such internal practices . Having a perfectly optimized website seo level and content, it can facilitate the acquisition process of back links and citations from other domains dealing with the same arguments. As mentioned in the opening article in fact, Google’s spider web travel in the web looking for new documents to be included in the Link Graph and such activities, as well as serving to always seek more resources to offer users, it is useful algorithm Google to have more data and change positively or negatively the web authority (Trust) assigned to sitiweb already in its database.

A well structured seo draft standard should spontaneously acquire backlinks from web citations and commendations , and thus improve its position in the Google index and get more organic visits through increased link popularity .

This stage of the life of a WebSite in the network, however, has many critical issues such as plagiarism content, the lack of will to reveal to their readers to have extrapolated content and information from another fee, displayed or even impossible to find resources useful to share because of the type of industry.

This last step is the reason why among the SEO activities are listed often those belonging to the so-called offsite seo including Link Building . In fact it often happens that despite a good seo optimization and the inside presence to content site very valid, original, in-depth, we need to establish relationships with other bloggers in order to receive the right amount of backlinks, citations and commendations to increase the authoritativeness site and to counter the rise of other competitors.

SEO and SEM: Sales Objective
There are many who still say that seo is an activity of web marketing is not useful to convert traffic into sales in the short term, others believe it is too risky activity because it is subject to the rules of Google, which for one day another might change the algorithm and lose positions in the sERP to website causing a loss of income …

Read here to increase customers with seo

In fact, that seo need time to generate a large traffic is a statement based on a kernel of truth. Become a questionable statement when you are talking about search intent and types of keywords that we remember can be enclosed in three types:
keyword transactional
keyword navigational
keyword Informative

Of these types of keywords we will talk extensively in the article dedicated to the keywords and their commercial intent, because here we are talking about seo and its usefulness for the purpose of direct marketing . To make sure that the SEO activities is time not only to produce an increase in traffic to the site, but it is time to produce useful results in terms of sales, lead generation, generation of lists of users in the target , it is good to integrate with SEM (Search engine marketing).

Precisely in this regard it must be said that by studying the ZMOT ( Zero Moment of Truth ), Google provides an important resource available to users who want to use the search engine to SELL and not to provide information. The ZMOT shows that there is a time when users “mature willingness to buy” and that the big players like Google, influence the choices and have an upward more or less strong influencing user decisions. It appears that an optimization seo right united SEM optimization, can ensure an increasing of the direct sales and with a ROI better.

Of this, as well as in the article that deals with the SEM, we’ll talk in depth in a future post dedicated to SEO , to offer users a valuable resource on how to optimize title and description to increase conversions by lowering the budget advertising on invested listings in the sERP, through clicks made by users by focusing on their plan to buy and propensity to buy … virtually users who have a credit card in your teeth.

Glossary seo Algorithm

What is called algorithm is a series of calculations across several variables that lead to different results useful to the search engine for evaluating the web document scanned by the crawler allowing them to use this resource to answer correctly and in a relevant way in a search query. In search engine algorithm is constantly evolving in order to combat black hat practices implemented to manipulate improperly SERP ranking of creating harm to the user and at the same search engine.

Anchor text or text again

It ‘called anchor text textual part used to insert a hyperlink which facilitates the user’s shift to other Web documents. To create an even text you should put in html tags and <a> </a> the words that best represent the anticipation of the content of the linked web page. You and Google use the even read text to understand (both) and thematise (Google) content that is in the linked page.

Article marketing

That of article marketing is a strategy to increase the link popularity of a web site with information contained in special web sites created on purpose to be containers of items. Many would consider this practice not appreciated by Google and useless to be implemented in the new link building campaigns.

Backlink or return link

A backlink or back link is a link received from a WebSite to the home or to other internal resources from a different site. A backlink is considered by the search engine a neutral or negative feedback positive, based on various factors such as the web page seo trust that provides the connection, the thematic relevance and the physical location of the same connection offered on the page from which part.
Bad Neighborhood

in Italian means bad neighborhood, and many believe that seo configure a domain on a server that hosts other domains banned or penalized by the search engine, can lead to a poor rating even has its own website.

Google Banned

The search engine may exclude from its database and avoid returning users a resource that considers harmful. For example, Google can clear through algorithmic calculations or manual actions a website that does not respect its guidelines. The black hat seo practices that lead to exclusion from the index of the search engine can be among others use a link farm, insert hidden text, postpone resources spam and malware content.

Black Hat :  The set of seo techniques considered not in line with the search engine guidelines.


Translation is bookmarked in the past bookmarks were used to supplement campaigns to increase the popularity of your website, almost worthless now because the search engines in the first place Google devalued automatically the way links from this domain . With a bookmarking action you can save a web page that you are browsing in the browser.


They are software that scan the web looking for new documents and web content to increase the information in a database. The bot that uses Google best known is precisely GoogleBot, which scans the Web looking for content to be analyzed and evaluated to provide a better response to you after.

Bounce Rate

And ‘the bounce rate, or the percentage calculated of users before they access a particular web page and then go out again. In Google’s feedback Bounce rate differs depending on the type of website, and determines whether they are positive or negative based on this factor, for example, a news site is logical to have a threshold of tolerance higher than an information site with pages for the reading of which should have a longer time.

Cache And ‘the set of a web document file stored by a search engine or web browser to return the document more quickly without having to reload all files again.


The click-through is click a user makes a hyperlink both internally to the site from within the site to the outside and vice versa. The click-through is taken into condiserazione by Google and many search engines to analyze metrics such as the level of depth of a visit to a web resource and the residence time.

Cloaking By cloaking you can be changed based on who makes the visit the web page content. It too is considered a black hat technique if targeted to show the spiders of search engine content, different from the one shown to the user.

A program used by search engines to constantly scan the wwww and identify new pages to be included in a database which then will be subject to scanning by the spider for a correct evaluation of the content and finally returned to the end user based on those algorithmic calculations .
State Codes http

The HTTP status codes are messages that web servers send to the client in response to a request. They are numerical three-digit codes. The first digit of the status code defines the category. Examples of status code is the code 404 Not Found to indicate a non-existent page or the status code 200 to indicate a resource that exists and responding properly to the request.
duplicate content

Duplication of content is considered a real plague by the search engine, forced to unnecessarily scan several documents containing the same information with an increase in costs. To avoid scanning duplicate content, Google has recommended in its guidelines to include pages with the same permalink other than the canonical, showing Google which is considered the main page.
keywords or keyword density Density

On this subject we prefer to say only that the texts contained in a web page to be written in a meaningful way without assiduously repeating the same words.

Web sites created in the form of catalogs with other sites cataloged in them based on various factors such as area or category. These virtual lists were often used to increase the popularity of a site quickly, the search engines especially Google, have downgraded those links and just recently also the one considered as the directory for excellence, DMOZ, was closed by the same Google .

doorway page

This type of content written page has focused on a single keyword, and have assumed a negative value as often used to accommodate only enchi of similar keywords and text links and not an attractive content for the visitor user.

Everflux it is going to permanent fluctuation and it means that Google’s ranking algorithm is constantly refresh cycle. A feature of Google Everflux, is, for example, a constant change in the positions of the SERPs (Search Engine Result Pages). The Everflux is the phenomenon that is the basis of seo concept, in which promote fresh content (freshness) compared with outdated content and old.


By its own algorithm update in 2011, Google has started to evaluate constantly the pages based on their percentage of the update using each component of Universal search (videos, images, news, organic). In practice it seems that the search engine constantly shuffle the resources in its database for a single SERP based on the freshness of content by placing greater importance to the resources containing more standardized texts too hot events for the user at a given moment in history.

Keywords used by users to search for information on a topic using the search box. By typing keywords (single or multiple words), the search engine returns the most relevant resources indexed. Today the concept of keywords is outclassed by the fact that in order to optimize a web page you have to think about giving the best answer possible about the subject.

Indexing is the action it takes the search engine when adding a new page to your file or database. until a few to facilitate the indexing of content, seo but in general all the website owners have access to several roads including through add add url free Google resource, view the page through search console, time ago to share the resource on Google plus etc etc.

farm links

Basically a backlink factory unfairly manipulate the algorithm of the search engine to increase the link popularity. The evolution of this technique is now known as PBN (Private Blog Network).

Link Popularity

Link popularity is the ongoing process to facilitate the acquisition of back links and citations from other domains that deal with the same issues and may occur spontaneously or artificially through the link building and earning links .
meta tags
An HTML tag that houses information of various kinds. Some of these tags (such as Title and Description meta tags) are home to useful content to search engines to interpret the content of a web page.
orphan Page

An orphaned page in the jargon of seo indicates a Web document without access links from any other internal resource to the site. One of the seo practices during internal optimization is precisely to avoid that there are orphan pages in the structure because the latter would be difficult to find by the search engines.

The penalty inflicted by a search engine to a site or parts of it, can be manual or algorithmic. There are different penalties from the most minor to the most serious and are classified according to the loss of organic results that a page, a section or the entire site suffers. It could create difficulties for the page to reach the Google top 10, or even make it disappear from the indices as in the banned Google.
Prominence and proximity

Proximity is the term for the closeness between two or more words and the prominence is the term that indicates how certain Paroli are close to particular points of the sections of web pages.


A generic query made to a search engine by a user or by software automation. The most common type of query is the normal search of one or more terms of web pages stored by the motor.

The redirect hijacks users and spiders from a particular web page on another in which you moved the content permanently or temporarily. The search engines are not thrilled to find the redirect web pages, unless you are made with technical devices directly to the server side or via .htaccess file with very specific guidelines as may be 301 or 302 redirects.
robots.txt (file)

Text File, to be included in the root directory of a domain that contains within it a number of directives that many spiders of search engines have pledged to follow. It is used to ask search engines not to fathom and do not download files or directories you do not want them to be stored by the engines.
SEO: Search Engine Optimization

English translation of the phrase optimization for search engines English language
SEO: Search Engine Optimizer

It indicates the seo specialist as a professional category. And ‘the translation in English of the optimizer phrase to search engines.

The professional who takes care of optimizing sites and place them on the engines.
SEM: Search Engine Marketing the branch of web marketing known by the acronym SEM, search engine marketing, is the set of optimization activities that are useful to generate an increase in rail traffic, an increase of visits by users in the target and ready to perform a conversion (purchase, lead, contact) to a website. The great utility of the sem is that by using it, you may be able to communicate to an audience defined format by users who explicitly ask for a search engine to find solutions to their own needs.
SERP: Search Engine Results Page

The SERP is the results page that the motors and return that contains a list of web pages related to the research carried out which is often composed of organic results on the map, for a fee, of news, videos and images, depending on the type of user’s search query.


The .htaccess files are text files with Apache directives for the configuration. These files can be edited with a normal text editor. Operation is very simple, Apache when it receives a request, before carrying it out, see if there is an .htaccess file in the folder of the required or in a previous folder, and if it reads and interprets at run-time, and is configured so to comply with the directives contained within that file.

Seo and voice search
The use of search engines by users evolves over time with the introduction of new technologies that facilitate the task of searching the vast web archives. One of the revolutions in place is one that sees change the way you search used by users to write simple text in the search box on posts with the help of the voice. This performance is possible thanks to PAS (Personal Search Assistant), personal assistants installed on smartphones and more, they can return the most relevant search results to people’s needs.

The voice search is the evolution of the way of research that simplifies the research itself and helps to see returned perfectly relevant results. A modern seo strategy can not take this into account, especially if implemented at local business.
The new road formed by the vocal search in practice means that on the dialogue between user and device and thanks to research the conversational SERP result is a more relevant and less rich results to peer little relevant.

Voice search strategy: You can do?

It would seem so, of course, to ensure that their contents are present in different versions of screen readers, need to understand where they take this information, although it is not the only factor to be noted in a speech seo strategy. For example it is easy to think that Siri takes the data to be returned in sources like Yelp or Yahoo and consequently not be present with their own company in these directories may prevent this kind of visibility.

When thinking about seo optimization vocal search becomes increasingly important in terms of visibility, just think about the fact that today the queries made by users using voice are about 30% of the total.

Guide seo
Useful for users seeking information regarding seo provide a clear and comprehensive guide. For the breadth of the topics that this discipline contains in itself you should create a site specifically dedicated entirely to the many issues. That’s why for convenience will share the link to the provided web seo guide written by Moz in English but easy to translate. An important resource for those who want to learn how to do seo whatever your level of expertise, advanced or beginner.

In Moz seo guide introduces carefully and clearly seo techniques, tools to study analyze and monitor a campaign with articles, videos and images. The table of contents of Moz seo guide:

Each of these sections has an internal content useful to learn how to do seo so easy and fast, and each chapter of the guide is accessible so free by anyone. Among other arguments in a guide for seo beginners Moz you can inquire in depth about SEO What it is and how the Search Engine Optimization Works in Google.

  1. internal and external links
  2. equity links
  3. Anchor text
  4. Backlinks
  5. meta tags
  6. alt Text
  8. canonical
  9. International and national seo
  10. Local seo
  11. Hreflang attributes language
  12. keyword research


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