What is Plastic Surgery

What is Plastic surgery
What is Plastic surgery

What is Plastic Surgery

The plastic surgery is a branch of surgery that aims to correct or repair birth defects and congenital or acquired anatomical defects. It differs in two categories, reconstructive surgery and aesthetic surgery. The reconstructive surgery aims to act on defects and injuries that compromise the functionality of one or more organs, by accident or personal injury, or due to congenital malformations. Surgery can involve very large anatomic areas, and being necessary for health are borne by the SSN. The cosmetic surgery instead includes all surgical interventions carried out to make a physical improvement, And which are usually limited to narrow and superficial body areas. Responding purely to the aesthetic purpose, I am completely dependent on the patient.

A Little History
The origins of plastic surgery practice is traced back to ancient India: at that time it was common practice to amputate the nose of the adulterous woman or the law violators, so reconstructive practices such as skin grafts , Which consisted of cutting a flap of skin on the face of the subject that was used to rebuild the nose. In addition, in Sushruta Samhita , a document from Indian surgeon Sushruta, the doctor describes the reconstruction of the ear by taking a cheek flap to be inserted in the area to be reconstructed. These techniques were also resumed by Hippocrates , who quotes her in her Corpus Hippocraticum . In ancient Rome then, two of the greatest physicians of the time, Galeno and Celso, were interested in reconstructions for aesthetic purposes, including lip corrections and ear and nose repairs. However, after the collapse of the Roman empire, surgery was undergoing a stalemate. An important breakthrough took place in 1597, with the publication of the first western aesthetic surgery treaty, the De curtorum surgery for insitionem , of the physician Gaspare Tagliacozzi.

Over time, surgery was recognized as a method of primary importance for medicine, and with the emergence of anesthesia, this practice brought a significant boost. The term Plastic Surgery was coined by Carl Ferdinand Von Graefe who used it for the first time in 1818 in his monograph, Rhynoplastik. However, in the twentieth century only the scientific recognition of this discipline was observed: in 1927, the first American magazine in the field, Dr Charles Conrad Miller’s Review of Plastic and Aesthetic Surgery, was published in 1955 in Sweden, the first International Congress of Aesthetic Surgery.

Professional Training
Today, plastic surgery utilizes the latest scientific discoveries of biomaterials and recent discoveries in the field of surgery, such as for example, laser. Also, are emerging new sub-specializations, such as breast surgery, the body contouring ( body-contouring ), the burns surgery and so on, being plastic surgery a non-District surgical expertise, operating, that is, on any Body area. The physician performing plastic surgery must be specialized in Plastic Reconstructive and Aesthetic Surgery, a five-year course.

Benefits generally offered by Plastic Surgeons in Idaho Falls

  1. Chemical peeling
  2. Hair transplantation
  3. Breast Lift
  4. Scar removal
  5. Removing skin spots
  6. Hyaluronic acid filler
  7. Liposuction
  8. Additive mastoplasty
  9. Rhinoplasty
  10. Chemical peeling
  11. Lifting
  12. Face Biorevitalization
  13. Sclerotherapy
  14. otoplasty
  15. Zigomoplastica
  16. Reconstructive surgery
  17. Hand Surgery
  18. Buttocks


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