What is SEO and How Its Works

What is SEO and How Its Works
What is SEO and How Its Works

What is SEO

What is SEO and How Its Works

SEO is an acronym that is often encountered in the web marketing and when it comes to websites. But many ignore the significance. We try to explain it.

SEO is an acronym of the English phrase ” Search Engine Optimization “, literally or optimization for the search engines .

But what is optimized for search engines? The course sites. If we want to give a first fast-definition (even if inaccurate) we can say that SEO serves to maximize the relevance that has the site on search engines to increase traffic of users from this can get.

For SEO, in computer jargon Italian, it means both the optimization activities that whoever performs this task . If you speak of it is said to women, the EES, while those carrying out this activity are the SEO, and then the male. I as well as programmer, analyst, blogger, geek, trainer I can call myself an SEO. But I can also say that I do the SEO.

But why it needs to hire a SEO Freelancer or need to do SEO? Because generally those who spend money to build a website, it does so is to have a different means of communication with their customers or generally with those who know him, but also to find new contacts. If the search engines your site never goes out it is obvious that this hope of finding new contacts is definitely rejected. I’ve seen so often sites of companies that are not findable on search engines even writing their name . For this you need to do the SEO to change the site and make it more digestible to the search engines and make them to index in their database all its contents, and that it is findable for many keywords and which, for this, get out to the first places of SERP .

If you were to make a comparison with the real world we can think of SEO as the agent or the press officer of an actor . This is in charge to make known his client to directors, producers, advertising agencies and advised on how to make more effective, not his acting profession, but the promotion of its image.

In show business or professional sports all have an agent, while on the web very many neglect their own promotion. But it should not be so, because in this way will lower your ROI . That they spend some money to build a website and maybe you avoid spending the 10% increase that would multiply several times the number of users who visit their homepage. Users who might buy their products and services and thus reward the investment made.

You can not put all the blame for this to the buyer, because generally this is not an expert. The fault lies more on the side of those who create the work , you should first explain to the customer what does make a site and what is the best way to maximize your investment.

Beware of the word investment. This is the key word, and this explains why it is inaccurate, the first definition I gave. It’s best to arrive on site a million visitors who look or go away, or a thousand who buy our products and services? In the words of a commercial power is nothing without control. The SEO must try to make sure that the site will present better on the search engines and even before the users, to make sure that this can be found by those who are really interested in the topics of the site. Each site has a purpose, inform and gain publicity, sell products and invoicing, provide services and to enroll users, showing the skills and sell advice. In each of these cases, the SEO must take care to make sure that the site makes it as much as possible to the purpose for which it was born. Come then maximized ROI . You have to think of SEO as a personal couch for the site, it helps to give the best of themselves, and educates and forms who administers it to make sure that they know make the most of. But it is also a strategist who directs web marketing strategies. But it is also a project manager who leads the various techniques souls of the project to build a site that does not travel with the handbrake on. And it is also a researcher, because the world of search engines is evolving daily. Start to be a bit ‘so many things. Without going any further, we can say that it is difficult to establish clear boundaries. An SEO does so many things, but the ultimate goal is to maximize the ROI and ensure that the topics that deal come to those who seek them. A little ‘as the marketing. This is why many SEO also define Web Marketers.

The problem is that many sites do not even know what your ROI. This is because often the person who creates websites it does based on little knowledge and a bit ‘of manual some tools, and then ignores many concepts including those efficiency for search engines.

This is because, in fact, make a site is easy. Do it well not quite .

The web is the first step for those who want to work as a computer scientist. Why it takes little knowledge to get started. But to become a true professional, the study must be continuous and steady . HTML also is much less trivial than it seems. The web gets to concentrate a huge amount of technical and heterogeneous knowledge and it is impossible to know everything. Of this, however, we’ll talk again.

Returning to the word SEO, I think at this point it is a bit ‘more clearly what it means. What is less clear is how do you do SEO. And this definitely is not a negotiable issue in a single post. In fact more than a post it would take a book (you can not escape, in everything you have to study).

I have already addressed some issues in the past SEO and it will face more in the next post, more or less technical. Surely SEO, is something that every web designer should have in his luggage. The main difference of all other knowledge that are used in this work, this is not exact . I mean, if I want to study HTML, and I take a manual documentation study. If you want to know how an editor, I read the manual of those who created it. For the SEO it is not really so. The SEO is mainly based on empirical studies . As the search engines do not explain how their ranking algorithms, because if they did, there would immediately who would find a way to trick them, to give it more importance than that due to their sites. And so there are no manuals made by Google or Yahoo, they say how do you go out for a first site on search engines . Damage guidelines, but nothing more. And these guidelines do not tell you how to maximize your ROI. And so you have to experiment, and then see the result of their actions (some days later, the time that changes are indexed), with the search engine tests. A little ‘how do scientific research. It is a theory, and then do an experiment to test it.

With the particularity that what works today, tomorrow may no longer be valid, because the search engines are evolving very quickly . And of this I have already spoken on Google Instant Preview: change the work of SEO and kills Flash and Bing, the search gets social .