What is SEO and What Is Its Future

What is SEO and what is its future
What is SEO and what is its future

What is SEO and What Is Its Future

What is SEO and why is it useful to companies, who is an SEO specialist , and what is the future of SEO including voice search, artificial intelligence and machine learning?

Websums SEO Consultant integrates its computing extraction with the strategic approach to ranking in the search engines, g why we have them put some questions to better understand what Google really wants from our website.

How is it perceived the impact of SEO operations in the panorama of Major companies?

The SEO is a discipline from my point of view very technical but at the same time mysterious and subtle . Often the search engines update their algorithms with new updates and filters making it more sophisticated and difficult to predict. Of course, in this area the word “dependent” is a must:

It depends on the industry in which we compete;
It depends on the type of web site and its history;
It depends on the changes we are going to implement;
It depends on thousands of factors …

If you rely on the pillars of the EES and apply a plan in the long run you get brilliant results. The companies, however, need to understand how SEO should be integrated in a project to broader . Do not just fix a few meta tags, or introduce microdata for a doubling of organic traffic. It should be studied a synergy between technical devices and content starting from the analysis of user behavior, research interests until the final conversion process.

A tangible example: in these days seems to have released an update of Google (unconfirmed) that experts have dubbed “Fred” . This update has brought a decline of organic visits from 50% up to 90% for sites with certain pattern including:

Too many banners
Not quality Texts
Too many affiliate links on a page
Obviously those who have followed a correct and proper editorial policy will not have to worry about any Google update. Those who work at the limit using positive trends or fashions of the moment will always be SEO attention to a minimal drop in traffic.

The organic SEO is a science that combines the right mix of technical, pisco logia and experience.

What really weighs within the SEO SEM strategies?

There is no magic formula, I saw portals that do very little to organic traffic but that other business model to attract visits such as fan page or app. There is no doubt that having a project that shares the fundamentals of SEO will lay the foundation for work in this direction.

How to recognize a SEO specialist?

Years ago I did an article on “Who is a SEO specialist” , of course, from my personal point of view. You can recognize because it is technical in the right place, it is updated about news on the subject, he has marketing experience and has a 360 degree view of the entire project.

It is not an SEO specialist, in my view, those who sell services a tot per kilo.

What scenarios open voice searches and new technologies to index level?

In October 2016, according to data StatCounter , there was a turning point; for the first time the worldwide web access from desktop were lower than the access from mobile devices (smartphone + tablet).

Vowels research is another step towards the unit but not limited to, voice systems and assistants like Siri and Cortana are also available on laptops.

What is SEO and what is its future
What is SEO and what is its future

This will lead to a different interpretation of user intentions , systems and technologies could normalize the queries coming from voice search and produce ad hoc results of previous research, based on geo-location or personal interests . This will allow Google (but not only) to know more and more our habits and then sell better advertising:)

Then remains open throughout the mobile world with the App Streaming, Pop Up and Push Notification, Quality and Interstitial (avoid putting pop up blockers and wireless) and all the news AMP.

The artificial intelligence will steal your job?

L ‘ artificial intelligence applied to the search engines is very delicate aspect, see e.g. RankBrain . Everything that AI will not revolutionize the search engine but will make it more active and able to better understand the needs of users and to respond to the needs. Thanks to artificial intelligence systems and machine learning (nothing new there for decades …) we might see a new approach to SEO .

Obviously it will take time but RankBrain was a first step towards this direction.


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